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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is RedCrox?

RedCrox is a knowledge-based game where users are able to play their shopping receipts and earn 100% CashBack. Members are required to upload their on-line and off-line receipts from RedCrox shopping partners, guess a future game or event result, and if they got it right, earn the 100% CashBack. It's fun, it‘s easy and it‘s100% free! Initially launched in Europe by Stephen John Flanagan, an Irish serial entrepreneur and sports promoter, is now a global group incorporated in Wyoming, USA.

What is the RedCrox Genesis?

Here's the place to hear from our CEO, Stephen John Flanagan: "As an young kid I have invented one of the first prototypes of today's modern fantasy sports. Sports have been for me passion, inspiration and social phenomenon that followed me all my life as marine, student, young entrepreneur. I love to play football with my son Patrick or tennis with my daughter Madeline. Sports have been my profession as promoter. Sports inspired me to launch my first venture in on-line betting more than 20 years ago and the last one with They have been challenging me to find the ultimate game, a game where both sides win. After 20 years of searching, I have finally found it and I have launched In the past year, my partners, friends and serial entrepreneurs Jean-Francois Ott and Nicolas Tommasini has provided the financial support and expertise of OTT Partners to enable the global expansion of

Why RedCrox is revolutionizing the way we shop?

Before RedCrox, most marketing incentives were boring, if not cumbersome, you had to pile coupons, wait for sales or events, or rely on raffles on which you had no influence. With RedCrox, we not only “Give a second life to your receipt” but we make it fun and gameful. You chose the game or the event which is most fun to you or on which you have most knowledge. You control your guess. And you have the thrill !

How does RedCrox work for a member?

Step 1: Register To

Step 2: Shop At One Of Our Partners. Online: by clicking on the pre-set link of the Shopping partner. Brick & Mortar Shop by visiting the partner.

Step 3: Scan or take a picture of Your Receipt (Use Your Phone or Scan It)

Step 4: Upload Your Receipt On

Step 5: Select Your Game/Event

Step 6: Use Your Knowledge To Guess The Answer To The Question asked

Step 7: Answered Correctly? Congratulation! You Just Won 100% CashBack!

Step 8: The money corresponding to your Receipt's face value is transferred to you within 30 days of providing payment details. Please note: You play the face value of your receipt. No payments of any kind are required. One receipt per game ONLY.

How does RedCrox work for a shop?

Step 1: Register Your Company To

Step 2: Create Your Company Profile & Add Your Logo

Step 3: Promote your products and gain more customers by offering the ultimate incentive of 100% CashBack. For more details please visit section:

How do I create a user account with RedCrox?

Simply click on the Login Button on the top right of your screen. The easiest way is to create an account with your favorite social media account. You will be only be one click away from the fun, thrill and chance to earn 100% CashBack! No payments or deposits are required. You also have the option to register the standard way by providing us with your name and email address. The choice is yours.

What question shall I answer in order to earn 100% CashBack?

All events are related to sports, entertainment, politics, social life. The questions are always presented as a choice of guessing the winner. For example: Which player is going to score first? Which driver is going to finish 5th?

How do I get paid when I win the 100% CashBack?

Welcome to the club of the RedCrox happy winners! You are now probably wondering what is the next step for you to get paid, right? We outline the simple steps to follow in an email to your registered email account. We only need to find out where to send the money you won by simply using your knowledge. No third party payments are allowed. Provide a copy of your ID, bank or PayPal account.

How long will it take to receive my 100% CashBack?

As a winner you will only have to wait up to 6 weeks for your 100% CashBack to hit your account. We would have loved to make this payment quicker but we have to wait for the legal 30 day return policy to make sure there are no cheaters!

Where do I find my referral code?

You will find your referral code at your account’s user profile. Keep your referral code safe, it will make a lot of money for you.

How do I make more money with RedCrox referral program?

At you have a unique scale of referral options. You can get $25 credited to you by referring a new user. Once the new user registers their first receipt, the bonus is assigned to your account. You can get $100 credited to you by referring a new shop. Once the new shop signs its agreement, the bonus is assigned to your account.

How do I make even more money by referring shops to

Simply explain to the shops you visit the benefits of becoming RedCrox partners. Once the referred shop signs its agreement with us, we’ll credit $100 to your account. Our partnership doesn’t end here. Based on the monthly turnover of the referred shop, each month you’ll be receiving an extra bonus. Yes, every month hard cash to your account.

Why should I refer a friend or a shop to RedCrox? is a great way of shopping, traveling and having fun. We bring a new tool for enjoying sports, competitions, and events. No risks, nothing to lose. Just play your receipts and get 100% CashBack. If you like what we do, tell a friend or two, or a Million. It’s just another way to make some more money or maybe a lot.

Why do I need to follow the "Shop Now" link on the shop profile page for online purchases?

In order to validate your eligibility to use your receipt at we are required to link our partners shops to our platform. By clicking on the "Shop Now" button, shops know that you are a RedCrox member and will pay us a small commission on your purchase. This commission is then used to pay winners. If you visit their website without clicking on the "Shop Now" button, they have no way to know that you are a RedCrox user.
Please always follow the link for on-line purchases.

How do I know if my favorite shop is on RedCrox?

Visit the Shopping Park page (Top Menu) and simply type your favorite on-line or off-line shop name in the search bar. Well, if it does not show up make sure you let us know by filling up the very short “recommend a store”. We will do our best to have it listed before you’re next visit. You should also use the category search as you might find another great store that has the same product with the opportunity to win 100% CashBack.

Who is responsible for exchanging my product if it is faulty?

We are not responsible for the product or services you purchase at our partner shops. Please refer to individual shops’ terms and conditions, return policies, etc.

Can I cancel my order after I played my receipt on RedCrox?

Of course you can cancel your order or return the products you purchase. However, if you decide to do so, your receipt for the purchase cannot be used at or it will be cancelled.

For how long is my receipt available to play?

Upon authorization each receipts is available to "Guess the Winner" for 30 days from the day of purchase.

What are the most common reasons for a receipt rejection?

- I went directly to the Shopping Partner e-shop without following the link provided on their page. - I have tried to use one receipt twice - I have tried to register a receipt older than my active membership. Note: The date of purchase of any receipt shall not be older than the day of my registration with - The receipt I have tried to use is from a shop which was not a Shopping Park member at the date of purchase or its contract has expired. Note: always check on validity of the Shopping Park Members. - I have violated GTC and/or Guess the Winner rules - I have returned my purchase during the standard 30-days return policy. Please check with local regulations.

How does business model make money?

At we charge our Shopping Park Partners a small commission for each authorized receipt. The commission schedule is flexible and it is based on the industry segment. 

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