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Dear friends,

I love sports, I play sports, I am a sports fan (a Liverpool Football Club one at that) and a serial sports entrepreneur. My first related sports venture was over 20 years ago, so is the latest one. Welcome to

I have been working on building products based on the thrill our beloved sports can give to us, and even to those who have never played or liked sports. But now the "hunt" for the ULTIMATE GAME is over: now both sides can win! It’s simple, you shop and game your receipt by guessing a particular result. If you got it right, you got 100% CashBack on your receipt. And it’s FREE! We've built your next habit, connecting shopping, sports and fun in one place.

From every day shopping to vacations, diamonds, designer clothing, electronics, cars, hotels, even tickets to sold-out events, you can find almost everything on the RedCrox marketplace. Shop & Play and earn 100% CashBack. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free. Shopping is now more enjoyable than ever!

I am not the only one behind today and we sure are an unusually blended team! With over 200 projects behind us, dozens of successful brands and over 100 years of combined experience, we are a well mixed team of passionate entrepreneurs, young talents and good friends. Please meet the starting eleven presented in my own words:


1. Stephen John Alexander Flanagan - Founder and CEO. I am an Irish, Brooklyner and a long term expat, father of two, a big Liverpool FC fan and real beer lover. RedCrox is still a start up so I don’t know if I am the trainer, the playmaker number 10 and the forward here, but I am a team leader and passionate entrepreneur. I believe that is better to create something and be criticized than to create nothing and criticize others.


2. Jean-Francois Ott, the „Lucky Bear“. Americanized French. He’s been an inspiration for all us. Visionaire entrepreneur with spirit and drive. Our financial power and advisor. A big rugby fan and a piano player, he’s a partner and friend. It is a privilege to have him next to me.


3. Nicolas Tommasini, French. Our goalkeeper. I speak with him more than I do with my wife (as a forward, he makes me run a lot...). His expertise, talent and energy is one of the keys to our growth. Wine lover with that sweet French accent which girls love. Well educated talker, a Berlin fan and an art lover, he travels the world of business.


4. Jarmila Prochazkova, Czech. Talking about my wife... here she is. My rock-solid defense. She brings some order in our ventures and calms things down when it’s needed. She talks a lot but she works a lot too. Thank you for being next to us.


5. Mohammad Sayadi, Iranian. Our CTO, he’s one of the most talented people I have ever met. Not your typical tech guy, he’s a gem, an inventor, AI insider, a leader and a good friend. There’s nothing impossible, it just takes time to achieve, he says. Yes, especially when you work 17-18 hours per day.


6. Lucian Zavoianu, Romanian. What you see and what you click on, it’s thanks to him (our front-ender, in other words). He’s a football player and Borussia Dortmund fan. When he has joined us from IBM, I called that "the catch of the year".


7. Julien Vondra, French/Czech and a bit Swiss. He’s our sales guy and a powerful force. Once I have asked him what position he’d like to have in our starting eleven. He’s answered: The one that makes the most money. This one is not available on the transfer market.


8. Aliia Iakupova, Russian – I am not sure, if she’s the youngest one (it’s not polite to ask) in the team but she’s a real Millennial. She brings us the vision of the z-generation. Sometimes I am scared of what those young people are going to be like when they are our age.


9. Toni Bergström , Swedish – we needed that calm nature of a northern guy. It creates the balance that we need with such a high energy level of colleagues.


10. Kim Najman, Dutch - our newest player and a key one as well. She's creating, coordinating and executing most of our social farm and blog posts. From sports to fashion and innovation, she covers 4 continents and twice more language mutations. Make sure you DO Like and Share her posts.


11. Yaniss Lassal brings the new, younger wave of talent to our project. Well educated, enthusiastic and full of determination, he is for sure the one flying on the left wing of our attacking formation. Another PSG fan and French as well in our well combined International team.

This is our team in a nutshell. Off course, I would never forget the help and the inspiration from so many people. From my best friends, former partners and associates to our advisors. You are part of the team.

Want to know more?... Contact us, we don't bite like our crox do.

Until next time, if you are a young talent or a pasionate entrepreneur or you just feel driven to join our team, please let us know. We are always open to meet you and learn about you.

Become a RedCrox member, shop, travel & play – earn 100% CashBack.


Stephen John Alexander Flanagan
Founder and CEO